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Lender Review and Audits

At VRMC we understand the real estate market and the risk.  Our Lender reviews/audits provide top level risk management guidance while providing a service to the lender in the prevention of repurchase and/or rebuttal review.  In rebuttal, the file is reviewed by a forensic review specialist to directly address what, if any, liability the lender should be held accountable.  The prevention process addresses current residential valuation portfolios for any questionable circumstances which the lender may become accountable for in the future and addresses how these circumstances should be mitigated and/or rebutted..  

Our customers expect an appraisal which is USPAP compliant and gives an opinion of value which is supported within the market and clearly explained within the report.  The appraisal should be easily understood with comments describing the most signficant red flag areas.   The client expects the delivered product to have been reviewed for adherence to the client’s scope of work , be UAD compliant and within the scope of work as defined within the report.  The benefit we offer is a product that will be reviewed by a team of forensic review analyst who are versed in USPAP guidelines and the FNMA NUC's reporting.

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